Bronze Powder

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Bronze Powder 

This series is leafing flaky pigment, which is composed of copper, zinc, and aluminium powder. Bronze powder imparts good brilliance and metallic effect. Rich gold, pale gold, rich pale gold and copper powder are available. Customer can choose color and particle size according to their application and required effect.

Performance Parameter

Grades Average Particle
Size (um)
ZG-1034P/R 3.1-3.6 12000 Coatings, paints, inks,
 plastics, toys, 
textile printing, etc
ZG-2030P/R 3.5 10000
ZG-2072P/R/PR 5.6-7 8000
ZG-2041P/R/RP 4.9-5.6 10000
ZG-WB3101P/R 6-8 9000
ZG-2041P/R/PR 4.9-5.6 10000
ZG-1073P/R 6.5-11 7000
ZG-2103C 10 4500

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