Quality Control 

We follow up, test and evaluate the whole process before, during and after production according 
to International Standard, National Standard and Chemical Industry Standard to ensure the quality
and stability of our products.

Control Procedures for Production & Quality        

(1)Test for Raw Materials 

 a.Test of smelting aluminum      b.The content of heavy metals    c. Average particle size

d.The boiling range of organic solvent     e.The water content in the organic solvent

f. Active ingredient of Auxiliary

(2)Test for semi-finished product 

a.Average particle size   b. Dispersion    c. Metallic effect    d.Whiteness

e.Non volatile content

(3)Test for finished product  

a. Average particle size   b. Non volatile content   c. Water content   d. Brightness

e.Whiteness   f.Electrical Breakdown Resistance Test        g. Dispersion

h. Adhesion test    i. Solvent-resistance test    j.Chemical-resistance test

k. Storage Stability   l. Screen Analysis